MAW Replacement Valves


Replacement Bach Valve:
Replacement valves for trumpet (Bach series 180 ML / L, Stradivarius ...). Perinet valve engine 11.7 mm bore (Meinlschmidt), Kühnl & Hoyer Mod. Premium und Spirit

Piston Valve
With patent MAW Valve

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Replacement MAW Valve (Patent):
- Improves note stability, legato passages
- staccato attacks
- Increases clarity
- Makes playing easier
- Center notes with precision
- More sound with less effort
- For all piston instruments, trumpets to tubas


Replacement Tuba Piston Meinlschmidt:
Replacement valves for Tuba (Meinl Weston, Melton, B & S Big Valve Series). Patented MAW piston valve.

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