Flugelhorn & Trumpet

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meinlschmidt positioned spinning plant
meinlschmidt Drum spinning plant meinlschmidt Trumpet with sound equalization pull bow
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meinlschmidt Piccolo 10, 5mm - 22mm valve house
meinlschmidt Trumpet with pull and bow
  • Our flugelhorn / trumpet machines in 24mm or 25mm are available with the following bore sizes:
      10.5 mm / 11.0 mm / 11.2 mm / 11.5 mm three and four-part as well as gradually changing diameter
  • With one-piece pull bows available in B or C
  • Various valve loop geometries, mechanism and screw caps of different weights are available
  • Flugelhorn and trumpet machines in nickel silver are equipped with special bronze rotors, upper bearing cover is made from nickel silver
  • All brass machines are equipped with nickel silver valve loops
  • Special designs are available on request

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